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SAM's Soothing high-dose CBD Topicals are created with intention and care for great results. Then infused with Reiki for some extra love.


2021 February 16

I buy a cream (CBD Lotion) for my mom to help with pain from nerve damage that helped so much and I really need to get some more. I have been sending her other stuff but she said nothing works like this one does. 

2021 January 6

Love the Reiki Pain Butter so much.  (CBD Intensive Salve & Butter)  I have severe RA and the Reiki butter is so helpful to me for pain, migraines and the depression that can accompany the most difficult RA flares. The fragrance alone is a hit of aromatherapy anti-anxiety honestly pretty meditative
TY so much for this wonderful blend of just right herbals!

- Wisconsin


2019 June 14

I have striated muscle tension in my face. Sam's 100% cbd lotion (CBD Lotion) 2x a day makes an amazing difference. It releases all the muscle tension for 12 hours. I am beyond thankful for such an effective product.

2018 March 04

Had the pleasure of taking a wonderful class 2 wks ago. Reiki 1. Thank u for offering this class! Sam is an amazing teacher!


- Washington

I will have you know I immediately used that cbd roller and it was magic! I can't wait to try the salts!

2022 March 1
There is a extreme amount of care and energy that go in to these products and it shows in the quality.  I use the discomfort salve twice a day on my shoulders, back and wrists. As a barber those areas tend to be the most troubling throughout the day. The relief is almost instant and helps me get through each day.  I am so thankful these products made their way in to my life. 20 out of 10 platinum stars, I would recommend the discomfort salve or roller to anyone I know.

- Illinois


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