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I'm Sam, an intuitively guided Herbal & Aromatherapy potions maker, Ocean Lover, Sunset Dreamer, and a Reiki Master-Teacher. Who, as it happens - lives at the beach. Not just any beach, but the Northern Oregon Coast, because.. well.. if you have ever been here, then you know its deep draw and ancient magic. 

I have a beautifully diverse background in Reiki Energy Healing, Herbal Medicine, CBD Topicals, Aromatherapy, Trauma Care, Crisis Management, and more… I continuously enjoy learning new things such as Functional Nutrition Counseling, Home-Chef-ing, new and continued education in many of the above modalities.

Exhale while counting to 4 seconds, hold that for 4 seconds, inhale fully to 4 seconds, hold that for 4 seconds, do this a few times with your eyes gently closed. Notice that your shoulders are dropped, your jaw isn’t clenched, and things feel better, even just in this moment.

I have been caring for others all of my life, and have been blessed, and empowered to use my gifts to encourage others on their journey, this journey that is our life. It isn’t often that we carve out the time to relax, to breathe, to sit and find ourselves again. You do know what you want, to breathe easier for a moment. To step back to gain some clarity. You have used all of your spoons for the foreseeable future, and you need an intuitively guided self-reboot. This is what I GET to do, and share with You! Reach out today so we can get you closer to YOU, YOU that wins, loves yourself, and thrives.. on the daily!

When I am not sharing these gifts with beautiful humans, I may be found at the beach...recharging, meditating, creating amazing aromatherapy things, or (safely) traveling with my Partner to the awe-inspiring treasures of our mother earth.  

I have one final ask, for YOU to do something right now, for YOU, I give you permission (not mine to give, but often we don’t feel worthy), You are supposed to love yourself too, so go to the mirror, look into your eyes, and repeat after me “I LOVE YOU”. You can do this as often as you need to too. More than twice per day is a good start. OUT LOUD!

Come see me, You will thank-YOU,



Wild - Manzanita

(503) 368-5316

298 Laneda Ave​

Manzanita, OR 97130

"Little Apple"

Manzanita Grocery & Deli

(503) 368-5362

193 Laneda Ave

Manzanita, OR 97130

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