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Special Requests $200 Deposit (NON REFUNDABLE)

Special Requests $200 Deposit (NON REFUNDABLE)


Want a custom created product batch for you, or an event?


Fill out the fields below, and pay the $200 deposit to get started on this custom offering.


A few notes:


This will take a MINIMUM of 2 weeks, then will be shipped USPS priority mail.


I am excited to work with you on your custom formulated products. These products are very high quality, and I appreciate your understanding of the time and process to formulate and create these custom batches. 


Salves will be in batches of 16 ounces (16 1oz OR 4 4oz OR 2 8oz OR 1 16oz)


Rollers will be in batches of 4 ounces (8 10mL OR 4 1oz)


Bath Soaks will be in batches of 1 Gallon (5 16oz OR 1 Gallon)


Aromatherapy Sprays will be in batches of 24 ounces (6 4oz)


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